A fresh look at an old tradition

2022 has got us obsessed with tutu's.  That, and due to the shortage of costume's, we are here for you.  Tutu's are the perfect custom costume design piece.  We are releasing a line 20 sizes of tutu's in 20 colors, from head to toe, so that you can put together a costume that will reflect this year.  A stunning combination of beauty, intrigue, and downright disgust.

Follow the approximation guide to finding the tutu that fits your needs.  Once it arrives, if it does not fit the intended part of your body, your have plenty of other parts it will probably fit.  Everything from rings to backpack accessories.  If you don't find what you need here, let us know!



We would love if you joined in the fun today!  Take a creative picture of you wearing a tutu in an unexpected way to celebrate this year, 20tutu. Tag us and #sdtutuchallange to be featured.  Spread the fun and silliness of today.

Happy April Fools!