Always moving forward

We strive to be conscientious of the environment throughout the production process. We take care of our employees in an ethical way. We will always strive to do better...

All of our dancewear is made by our own factories.  Because we own our factories, we can attest to the ethical and loving environment cultivated for our employees. Despite our greatest efforts, there are always room for improvement.

We have an entire foot wear line of vegan products completely free of all animal products, animal testing, and are hand made to help protect our planet. What many people don’t know is that the quality and durability of our vegan line is exactly the same as our traditional shoe lines.  You can easily do your part by purchasing our vegan products!

Our newest addition to our pointe shoe family, Elektra Tech, not only has a custom removable shank system, but it is the only pointe shoe on the market with a recycling program!  This program is accessible to anyone in North America.

We are always doing our best to leave the world a little better than we found it, with both the planet and the people! We recognize there is always room to grow, improve, and take even more care. Today, and with each day to come, we will do our best to be better than the day before!

We do our best to be a completely ethical company. (We will always strive to do better)

Happy Earth Day!