Summer Intensive 7 Must-Haves

With Summer Intensive's around the corner, you might be asking yourself "What should I bring to make sure I'm ready to succeed in the studio?" Whether your traveling near or far, make sure these 7 items are on your list when you're packing for this summer's dance classes! Or skip straight to shopping, click HERE to shop our Summer Intensive Must-Haves now!


You’ll want a few leotards that make you feel gorgeous, are flattering to your body and make you stand out! If you feel beautiful you’ll dance beautifully.  Make sure you have variety - from classic black to vibrant colors and elegant simple styles to unique, never before seen leotards, you will want to have a nice array of leotards to choose from. We recommend having at least 5-7 leotards per week! 

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Our tights are available in 16 color shade options and 12 style options. Só Dança tights are the softest tights you will own and super durable, so they will last all summer long! Feel gorgeous in your skin shade with our matching shoe shades too! We recommend having at least 8-10 pairs of tights for a week of dancing all day long!
You’ll be dancing longer hours then you're used to, so you will want to make sure you have enough pairs of pointe shoes that you can rely on through the summer. (Pro tip: With multiple pairs of shoes, you can rotate through each pair, letting the worn ones dry before you wear them again... this will give a longer life to your shoes.)
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It's best to be prepared, especially if you are in a new environment. Pack one of our sewing kit's in your dance bag this summer, you never know when you need to sew a ribbon back in place! This sewing kit has everything you need in one small box... plus a magnet to keep your needles in place! 
A stunning solid skirt or a fun patterned skirt are great options for the days you feel like accessorizing or you want a little cover up. 
Stay warm and clean with these essential booties. The sneaker-like sole allows you to wear them outside and in the studio.
Get yourself a dance bag that is big and full of compartments, like this one. There is a total of 11 different zippers or pockets for you items to stay organized with all your new Summer Intensive essentials. Plus it’s cute! (Pro-tip: Personalize your dance bag with an adorable Pointe Shoe Keychain!)
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Be sure to tag @sodancausa and @sodancersofficial in all your photos wearing Só Dança this summer! We wish you the best of luck in your Summer Intensives and dance classes! Happy dancing!