The Collection that Cares

Brazil is a beautiful country, with splendid views and a glorious climate. The first discoverers baptized the new land as “Paradise”, marveling at its colors and natural beauty.  However, hidden under this splendor are some regions that stand out for a more abstract beauty, something that is magnified by its essence, its struggle, and its hidden powers. These are the so-called ‘favelas’, which make up a large part of the territories scattered throughout Brazil. 

Coincidence or not, one of the largest favelas in São Paulo - a large state in Brazil, bears in its name the origins of our land: Paraisópolis. 

Here we hope to show definition of the expression ‘Life in community’. A backdrop of jumbled shacks seemingly piled atop each other, inhabited by a plurality of people who, due to different difficulties, live days of struggle and overcoming. Many of them would serve as an example for the whole society, but most of the time they do not gain a spotlight in what is conveyed by the mainstream media.

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Amid the streets and alleys of this community, is the Ballet Paraisópolis. A project of social artistic development which strives to transform the lives of children and adolescents living in the region, in addition to bringing to light great talents previously hidden in the shadows of its favela alleys.  Initiatives like this reinforce how life can be transformed through a gift, or even a dream. As in sports, art and culture have their own power, capable of giving a purpose to the life of someone who previously saw only obstacles in their horizon.

Life and art go hand in hand, and it is said that one imitates the other!

The favelas needed this transformative agent, especially when we speak of an environment composed of our most precious assets: young people! Joy and hope are always inherent in children. They laugh, sing, dance and have a magical way of expressing themselves. The opportunity that children and teenagers receive in this ballet project is incredible. Those who stand out can gain new directions in their lives. 

It is children who bring hope to the favelas, and Mônica, the Director of the institution, intentionally brought an opportunity for many children to flourish at Ballet Paraisópolis. Whoever gives these young people an opportunity will see how they will develop with a different fervor. They will strive with passion, thirst for success, with the creativity and resilience that only those who have learned to face difficulties from an early age in life know. 

And more importantly: they will not take an opportunity for granted.

In summary, what Só Dança wants with this collection is to bring light to what is happening, an appreciation, a hope, an opportunity.  Brazil is, in fact, beautiful.  But the most beautiful thing in the country are the people. Brazilians rejoice with little, they are creative even through hardships, are masters of camaraderie and love for others. Brazilians have a beautiful heart. 

And the young ones... 

They have all these characteristics PLUS innocence. The younger generation has stamina and hope, they are ready to embark, to learn and still have much to give.  These young people are courageous and active, they are smart, they are the heroes of this world.   The child turns what is not beautiful into something magnificent. Most of the time we think we are teaching them, but in fact, they are the ones who are teaching us. There is much to learn from children. 

Is it possible to change the world? We do not know. However, it is possible to dream. It is possible to try, for the kids. We believe in making an investment in the next generation, in what lies ahead, for the future.