Bailey - SD48s Light Pink / 6.0s (toddler) / B $34.50
Bailey - SD48s - Só Dança USA
Bridget - SD48L - Só Dança USA

Bailey - SD48s

Stretch Canvas Full Sole Ballet Shoe

  • Soft, foot hugging stretch canvas upper
  • Elastic casing replaces the drawstring for a streamlined look
  • Flexible, full suede sole
  • Pre-sewn single elastic strap (no needle & thread needed!)
  • For adult sizes, click here, Bridget-SD48L
  • Color: Black = Final Sale Item
Regular price$34.50
The younger sister to the SD16, the SD48 is the perfect full sole canvas shoe for children. Same great fit without the annoyance of a drawstring.

Color: Black = Final Sale Item


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