Meet Dr. Legate

Dr. Legate's journey in Chiropractic began from hispersonal experience as a professional dancer/athlete throughout a 21-year career. As a Principal Dancer at the San Francisco Ballet company, he dealt with numerousphysical challenges. Chiropractic treatment enabled him to return to thestage the quickest! It was a natural transition into a career in Chiropractic.

Dr. Legate has been applying the same passion andinsight, that led to a successful career in dance, into helping athletes,dancers, and all to achieve their full potential. Dr. Legate's approach is sports medicinebased, utilizing a variety of soft tissue techniques and Diversified adjusting.His motto: 'To always give the kind of treatment I would like to get' is his guiding motivation.

Ask Dr. Legate

Got questions about alignment, injuries, or how to maintain your body for dance?