1. You Applied - Woohoo!

2. You send us your transparent logo as a PNG or JPEG if you have not already

3. SD sends you a marketing template so you can start reaching out to studios

4. Studio reaches out to SD to partner with your store

5. SD reaches out to you with the relevant information, forms, and clarifies the specific discount you will offer

6. SD reaches out to the studio to get the specific information regarding their uniforms and product requests

7. SD sends you your studio specific link and code

8. SD sets up the portal page for you and the studio

9. You will get confirmation and you are all set!


Nothing! There are no additional charges, in fact it is a way to make money!

When a customer wants to make a return or exchange they will reach out to us.

If someone comes to your store to process a return or exchange please direct them to SD+ customer service at 1.866.737.1979 so that we can ensure the proper procedures are followed.

You will receive a detailed report at the beginning of each month reviewing the previous month noting every purchase, return, and exchange so you can easily track your credits.

You can learn more HERE.

This depends on the card itself. We have negotiated rates but they do depend on the card used. They will be deducted from your credits but we can assure you they are very competitive.

The credit you get from SD+ will appear on your B2B account and can be applied to any invoice you choose. To clarify, you will not be receving cash from this program, only credit to use towards your invoices.

Sales tax is automatically calculated depending on the province to which the items are being shipped. If we qualify to collect the sales tax (each province has different rules) this amount is paid for by the customer at the time of check out.

Credit will be added to your Varnam account on the 5th of each month for the transactions from the previous month. This means that they won't show on your printed statement until the following month. The information will be accessible through the B2B once the credit has been issued.

We want people take advantage of this program! Our product prices are already higher than keystone and offering a discount brings it down and more competitive. Keep in mind, shipping will be added to the price of the item.

The Só Dança+ program is unique in it's goal to help grow and enhance both businesses and product offerings by connecting with your local community. It is risk free, low effort, and will aim to increase your bottom line. You also have a dedicated Só Dança point of contact to answer any questions at all times.

No, the shipping fee is based on the weight and size of the products being shipped. We are still offering free shipping to customers on all orders of $80 or more. For orders of $80 or more, the value of the shipping will be deducted from your monthly credit. If a product is purchased for below $80 using your code or link, the shipping cost will be charged to the customer. You will receive a report of all your affiliated purchases at the beginning of each month.

Once a month, you will receive a report of all orders, returns, exchanges, that have been processed through your account.

Logo products are not available online however if the studio does sign up with SD+ the studio can reach out to you and SD for private label / logo opportunities.

When a studio requests to partner with you, your SD+ point of contact will reach out with next steps. You will fill out information and discounts for each specific studio that signs up to partner with you.

You market the quality of the product, the convinience of the program, and the stock and delivery guarentee.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.