Step by step

1. You apply as a studio or a local retailer reached out to you - woohoo!
2. SD reaches out to you to get the specific information regarding your uniforms and product requests
3. SD send you your studio specific link and code
4. SD sets up the portal page for you and the retailer
5. You are all set!


Nothing! There are no additional charges for using this service. In fact, it is a way to save money!

Yes! For example, if you don’t live near a specific store, you can still choose them as your retailer. However, keep in mind the fitting processes!

It’s up to you! Each parent can order individually, or you can order a bulk order. Your choice! And if you change your mind along the road, it’s easy to change the process.

Yes, you can either choose to have the orders shipped to the dance store, to each individual dancer’s home, or to your studio - the choice is yours.

Please reach out to us at so we can inform you how to proceed with your return or exchange.

Find more info HERE.

You will get discounts on your orders based on your selected retailer!

In most cases the item will be cheaper online because of your SD+ discount. Stores may offer in store specials that we unable to match.

This will depend on the discount that the retailer sets up with your studio as well as the quantity of your bulk orders. This can be discussed more in depth with your selected retailer.

Savings! You get discounts on your studio uniform orders! We will facilitate the sales but you will be a customer of the local retailer you choose. Your selected retailer may have additional incentives for you.

Nope! Just sign up and choose your selected retailer and we will reach out with next steps. It is completely free to sign up.

No, bulk buy discounts do not apply to SD+ as your selected retailer will offer you studio specific discounts on your uniform.

If you want colors that Só Dança does not have in stock, contact us to place a special order as you usually would. It would be the same practice you currently execute for order with special colors outside of the stock colors. We will work with you and your local retailer to place your special order.

Disclaimer: Special orders usually take between 6-10 weeks until delivery.

Yes! We can do that. However, it will be separate from the SD+ process. Contact us so that we can initiate the process.

When a retailer provides you with a discount, this discount code will be applied to studio specific email addresses only to help maintain the exclusive offer we create for your studio. It is helpful for the SD+ team to track purchases with this code. The emails you provide will not be used for anything else other than to provide access to the discount code.


Great local service.

A personalized fitting experience.

A dedicated studio success manager from Só Dança.

The store staff in your backyard!

High quality AND affordable products you can trust.

Efficient and guarenteed delivery.

A FULL catalog of products to choose from.

And on top of everything… A discount on your student’s uniforms!

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.