Mischa - BA42 Pink 40 / XS (3) / Medium $38.50
Mischa - BA42 - Só Dança USA
Mischa - BA42 - Só Dança USA

Mischa - BA42

Leather Half Shoe

Regular price$38.50
Say goodbye to splits between your toes and scrapes on the tops of your feet! With the BA42 you will have superior foot protection yet a great connection with the floor


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Shoe Sizes / Fitting Guide

US Shoe Fit Guide
P 3.0L-4.5L
S 5.0L-6.5L
M 7.0L-8.5L
L 9.0L-10.5L
XL 11.0L-12.5L
XXL 13.0L-14.0L


Sizing Guidelines:

Children: Same as street shoe size
Women: Approximately 1 size down from street shoe size
Men: 2 sizes up from street shoe size


Fit Preferences:
If you prefer a snug fit - Approximately 2 sizes down from street shoe size

If you prefer a looser fit - Same as street shoe size


1 Size up from street shoe size 

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