Bella - SD69L Pink 40 / 3.0L (adult) / A $44.00
Bella - SD69L
Brittany - SD69L - PINK 50
Brittany - SD69L - Black
Brittany - SD69L - Sand
Brittany - SD69L - Mocha
Brittany - SD69L - White
Brittany - SD69L - Suntan
Brittany - SD69L - Red

Bella - SD69L

Adult Premium Leather Full Sole Ballet Slipper

Regular price$44.00
The perfect choice for any ballet student. This expertly designed shoe has been created specifically to fit the foot and not gape when on demi-pointe.


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Sizing Guidelines:

Children: Same as street shoe size
Women: Approximately 1 size down from street shoe size
Men: 2 sizes up from street shoe size


Fit Preferences:
If you prefer a snug fit - Approximately 2 sizes down from street shoe size

If you prefer a looser fit - Same as street shoe size


1 Size up from street shoe size