Tap Shoe Cover - AC25 Black / P $40.00
Tap Shoe Cover - AC25

Tap Shoe Cover - AC25

Tap Shoe Cover

  • Slip on tap shoe cover with shaped reinforced heel cap and toe cap
  • Completely deadens the sound
  • Non-slip sole
  • Stretch Microfiber
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Regular price$40.00
A tap shoe cover is the perfect accessory for every tap dancer. Not only do they keep your shoes clean and help them last longer, but they also allow you to practice each step in silence, wherever you are!


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Tap Shoe Cover Size Guide
P: 4L - 4.5L
S: 5L - 6.5L
M: 7L - 8.5L
L: 9L - 10.5L
XL: 11L - 12.5L
XXL: 13L - 14L

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