Tais - TA800 Black / 4.0L (adult) / Medium $359.00
Tais - TA800

Tais - TA800

Women's Premium Leather Professional Tap Shoe

  • Women's premium leather tap shoe with cushion opening for superior comfort
  • Double leather sole and solid wood heel yield the best quality sound in the industry
  • Large durable Só Dança taps come attached so your shoes are ready to go
  • TA800V comes with rubber stoppers separate in the box (for rubber stoppers attached to shoes, see TA800)
  • For men's sizes, see TA700V
Regular price$359.00
The highly sought after women's pro tap! Incomparable sound, comfort and quality. Have you heard the difference?


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Sizing Guidelines:

Children & Women: Generally same as street shoe size
Men: 2 sizes up from street shoe size



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