Terri - TA806 Black / 4.0L (adult) / Wide $354.50
Terri - TA806
Terri - TA806

Terri - TA806

Men's Premium Leather Professional Tap Shoe with Heart Embroidery

  • Men's premium leather tap shoe with cushion opening for superior comfort
  • Signature red heart is embroidered on the sides (for same features but without the heart embroidery, see TA700V)
  • Double leather sole and solid wood heel yield the best quality sound in the industry
  • Large durable taps come attached so your shoes are ready to go
Regular price$354.50
Our highly sought after pro-taps with signature red heart will be the envy of everyone. All the same features as the men's TA700V, but with the heart embroidery.


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Sizing Guidelines:

Children & Women: Generally same as street shoe size
Men: 2 sizes up from street shoe size



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